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audra & brett {proposal} ;)

To start off, this might be a little long…but so cute! You have to read. 😉

A little over a month ago, my sister-in-law’s boyfriend (now fiance), Brett, came to me with some exciting news and a fantastic idea. He first informed me that he was going to propose to my sister-in-law, Audra, and that he wanted me to capture the moment! I was SO excited for them, and, I have to admit, a little nervous to take on the challenge as we would have to be hidden in the dark, far away from the subjects of course, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I gladly said yes though, and we met one evening in the place he had planned for to scope out an exact spot to make it happen. For those that don’t know, every year Omaha has an amazing light display in the Leahy Mall area. Since this is a place Audra and Brett go see every year, he thought it would be a perfect time and place to do it. Unfortunately when we went to scope out a location, none of the actual Christmas lights were on yet, so, we picked the one place that we knew would have some constant light, and, where I could hide out, paparazzi style, behind the trees. 😉 We were hoping all the planning would work out!

The night of the proposal, my husband and I plotted our place to “stalk” them, and sat waiting…and waiting… Since they were at dinner beforehand, we really didn’t know exactly when they’d show up, all I knew is that Brett was going to text me. I soon saw the words “now” come across my phone from him. We waited some more and watched and finally spotted them heading in the right direction. I seriously became really nervous for him, but also super excited as I had never seen an actual proposal take place! Audra looked in our direction for one second and was so nervous she spotted us! She did not, thankfully. As I watched him stop in the exact spot we chose and turned her the right direction, he soon after got down on one knee and all we could hear were squeals echoing across the river — coming from Audra of course! It was a magical moment and so wonderful because it almost looked like they had the place all to themselves! People were nearby, and some actually cheered, but, in that moment, I could tell they were in their own little bubble.

After capturing that moment, we had to keep quiet that we did so — for almost an entire month!! On Christmas day, Brett presented her with a canvas print and I captured Audra’s expression (tears of joy) as she had NO idea any of this took place! Thank you to all the other friends and family that kept quiet and allowed for a fun surprise. 😉

I am so excited for these two! They are an amazing, fun and sweet couple. Truly made for each other. I am excited to be taking their engagement photos and honored to be in their wedding!
















 Christmas Day…IMG_0052






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