Omaha, NE

barber // family // 2019

Edie has always been a photogenic little cutie, and this time she was extra excited as she’s going to be a big sister! I just love the festive colors and energy of this session & could not be happier for this sweet family as they gear up to become a family of 4!


jasmine {makeup & hair artist}

I first met Jasmine, who is an exceptional makeup and hair artist, at a wedding shoot this past summer. I was so impressed by the work that she did on the bride, and have been even more impressed by all the work I’ve seen thereafter. So, I was excited to do a stylized shoot with her. Reminded me of the days I worked as an art director at Marshall Fields/Macy’s!

Not much more to say than here are some images of beautiful miss Trishtian that showcase Jasmine’s amazing artistry!



katy & nick {married}

The week leading up to Katy and Nick’s wedding, I chatted with Katy about the possibility of, “what if it rains?” The forecast looked pretty gloomy, and even though the day was pretty soggy and wet outside, it did not change how excited Katy and Nick were about joining their families! Not only were the two of them coming together, but, they each have a daughter so they became a family of four! Just like their engagement photos, in how I noticed the sweet looks Nick gave Katy, he gave her the same adoring look, even more so when he first spotted his bride — she was absolutely radiant. They are so sweet together and you can just tell when two people are meant to be together. Here’s a peek at how their beautiful day unfolded!

Venue: Magnolia Hotel 

Makeup: Jasmine Marie 



rydlee {3 months}

Wasn’t very long ago that I captured Rydlee’s newborn photos — and here she is, already 3 months! Such a gorgeous night to capture this milestone with her family. She’s a real cutie and her brother absolutely adores her. Always fun to watch sibling interaction. Looking forward to continuing to capture her throughout her first year!



glenn {family}

I had such a fun time meeting and capturing the Glenn family recently! They made my job easy as they are sooo incredibly cute together. Their smiles are contagious and their eyes amazing! Here’s a peek at our beautiful fall session together. 🙂



brooklyn grace {newborn}

On Christmas day, we arrived at my in-law’s house with the first news of, “they’re in the hospital — they’re gonna have their baby today!” My husband’s brother and his wife were not due for another few weeks, so my first response was “YAY!” and “awww!”… I really wanted them to spend Christmas with us! 😉 I got past that quickly when realizing that they were having THEIR baby on CHRISTMAS day! Seriously the best gift ever. They waited many years for their little miracle and I am so happy for them. Brooklyn could not be any more precious. My daughter already talks about how she loves her baby cousin, and that someday she will be big and can play with her! I look forward to gatherings with the growing Bockelman family. 🙂

Here’s a peek at Brookyn’s first shoot! She did very well, and I can tell that she absolutely loves snuggling.



andrew {1 year}

I had been looking forward to seeing this family again after I photographed Andrew for the first time just a few months ago at nine months. This time, we celebrated his first birthday, plus, it was his daddy’s first Father’s day, so even more special. 🙂 Andrew has the cutest smile and is now a fan of waving and clapping his hands. He was treated with a yummy cake just his size, and although a little timid about it at first, he didn’t hesitate to dig right in once he realized how delicious it was. Here’s a peek at some adorableness!




jessica & tim {engaged}

This last weekend, I photographed a super sweet couple, Jessica and Tim, whom recently got engaged after meeting on an airplane for the first time years ago. We started at their home, since the front porch is where Tim proposed. We then ended the evening at beautiful Lake Cunningham, which I had not known existed before they told me about it. Such a serene location, and a perfect place to capture these two since they spend much time there fishing. We had quite the adventure there too, pretty much laughing the entire time. We even did a little “rock climbing” and it was there that Jessica stated “I love rocks.” I guess you had to maybe be there, but that statement cracked me up and just summed up our whole evening. Pure bliss. If they are as cute and loving behind the doors as they were in front of the camera, I can tell that they are going to have a very happy marriage. Congrats to these two!

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