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bellies n' babies

brennen // newborn // 2020

Baby Brennen is one month old, and what a CUTIE he is! Big sister, Edie, is already so protective and loving towards him, I can tell they will have lots of fun playing together someday. So happy for this now family of four and am looking forward to capturing his first year!


colette {7 months}

I have said this before, but gosh my friends really do make cute babies! Little miss Colette is a doll and looks so much  like her two older sisters when they were that little. So squishable, I could snuggle her all day. Love watching these little ones grow up and am happy to be capturing these moments that go by so quickly. Here’s a peek at her 7 month photos!


barber // family // 2019

Edie has always been a photogenic little cutie, and this time she was extra excited as she’s going to be a big sister! I just love the festive colors and energy of this session & could not be happier for this sweet family as they gear up to become a family of 4!


sheffield // maternity // 2019

As I mentioned on my facebook page, The Lady in Red song has been stuck in my head now since this session! This mama looked amazing in red from head to toe. It was a wonderfully windy and chilly Fall day, & this family just embraced it and celebrated time together as a family of 4 before welcoming their newest little peanut into the world in just a few weeks!! So excited to capture that special time in their life, too.


rowley {maternity}

Jenn and Pat are some of the first friends I hung out with since moving to Omaha, and it has been so fun watching them grow as a family over the years! Elisa is going to be a big sister — to… either a boy or a girl! They have not found out the gender yet, and I give them so much credit for hanging on! I am way too impatient to not find out. 😉 Jenn looks adorable as ever and is ALL baby. For now, I predict it is a boy. Congrats to them as they anticipate become a family of 4!


henry // newborn

Wide awake and oh-so-concerned looking is how little Mr Henry spent his time during our shoot. He is so cute and a wonderful addition to this now family of four. His big brother was such a good listener and so patient with him. I can tell they are going to have a lot of fun growing up together! Here’s a peek at some of his adorableness.


maggie & ryan {maternity} // omaha maternity photographer

How cute are these two as they anticipate the arrival of their little one!? Maggie is all baby and just glowing. And we had to of course include their first “baby” (their dog, Lena) who is excited to become a big sister! I really do feel animals know when a change is coming…

Here’s a peek at our gorgeous fall shoot, first starting in their home. **note the CUTE rocker that Maggie is on. It is the same one I nursed my 1st daughter in for a year, so it is so fun seeing it now in the room where she will be spending a lot of time!!


asher {6 months}

Oh Asher, you are as cute as a button, just like your big sis!

6 months and quite the little personality already, this little man didn’t give me all the smiles, but, was definitely curious about the camera. Those big eyes just captivate you! He is such a chill, little dude who doesn’t seem to mind his big sis giving him lots of smooches, hugs and cuddles. It’s always fun watching siblings interact.

Here’s a session full of lots of cuteness and love!


cora mabel {newborn}

Sweet, sweet Cora came into the world on July 29, and was welcomed by her loving parents and adorable little brother. It feels like just yesterday that I captured Jonah’s newborn photos, and now he looks like a giant next to his little sis. 😉 I absolutely love the shots of him reading to her — such a good big brother already! Cora definitely likes to be snuggled, but does NOT like to be swaddled. She was like a little Houdini trying (and mostly succeeding) every time I wrapped her. Here’s a peek at her adorableness.

IMG_4094-1 (more…)

naomi & logan {1 year}

And just like that, we have TWO one year olds! The year 2016-17 will most likely be unlike one we will ever experience again — pure joy, exhaustion, happiness, frustration, extreme highs (and lows) and an abundance of love — all rolled into one, in this crazy life we’ve created together as a family! For anyone that has experienced parenthood can probably agree that it is one of the most rewarding, yet, hardest jobs we’ll ever do! I thought I had a handle on it after raising our daughter for 4 years by the time the twins came, but, they are most definitely a whole new challenge! I won’t sugar coat it as say it was all uphill and easy. We fell… a lot. And, we got help … a lot. And when they say “it takes a village” — it truly does. I am SO thankful for those who stood by us and helped when we needed it most!! We love you for that and appreciate all the love surrounding our little ones. We are truly blessed and try to remember that every day….even through the hard times…. I could not imagine our life any other way!

Naomi and Logan have completed our family and it is so fun watching them grow and learn more every day! They are twins, yes, but they are their completely own individuals. Naomi is our serious little comedian with a lot of spunk. She has the cutest overbite smile (at the moment), gives the best snuggles, and says “this” when she wants something. Logan is so happy, content and just a chill little dude. Except when his sister has something — he likes to take/grab whatever toy, sippy cup, snack she has. Sharing will be interesting….  He has learned to walk just in time for his 1st birthday, and his new word he is attempting is “car.” He is definitely all boy.

Today and this week is a celebration of the babies turning one, and their big sis Natalie turning FIVE in 6 days, and to us surviving our first year as a family of five!! 😉



asher {newborn}

Oh my goodness Asher is beyond adorable. At just 10 days old, he was the most perfect little model during our shoot, giving us plenty of dreamy, snoozin’ shots, as well as sneaking in lots of little smiles. He just looked so peaceful, content and happy. It also helps to have an adorable big sister who gives lots of snuggles and is so gentle around him. I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing this sweet family since Libby was a newborn, and am anticipating capturing this cute boy throughout his first year as well. Here’s a peek at Asher’s first session!

IMG_3651 (more…)

audra {maternity}

For any of you that know our family, you know that there are already 8 little cousins that run around (well, some crawl….some are still held ;)) and cause chaotic fun at our gatherings, and now, the littlest sister of the fam is expecting her first! Motherhood already fits her so well, and I know both she and Brett are going to be amazing parents. Here’s a peek at some sweet bump shots just weeks before the little lady arrives!



hansen {family}

Sometimes it takes awhile for kiddos to warm up to the camera…. or rather, forget about the fact that they reaaallly dislike wearing pants and be distracted by treats, tickling and their favorite stuffed animal. 😉 It’s been fun watching little Andrew grow up over the years. And, I’m so excited that their family is going to be growing by one in the near future! Laura is absolutely glowing — quite literally in our last few shots as she’s surrounded by the beautiful warm rays of the sun. Here’s a peek at our fun, fall family shoot!



marian {6 months}

I had not seen Marian since she was a newborn, so it’s always fun to see how much they’ve changed since birth.  Upon seeing her, she gave me the biggest smile! Such a happy, beautiful little girl with parents who love her dearly. Here’s a peek at Marian’s 6 months!



maddox {newborn}

Sweet Maddox was welcomed into the world on March 14, 2016, and what a handsome little man he is! His dark hair and perfect little features just makes you want to snuggle him all day. He is so lucky to be surrounded by some amazing parents and two older sisters that adore him. I love when parents come to me with an idea that plays off of their passions. For this family, one that I thought was cute was the superhero shot. Why wouldn’t you want to dress your son like the Hulk!? 😉 Here’s a peek at Maddox’s first session!



evans {maternity/family}

I absolutely love capturing the time just before a family is expecting a new little one — usually about a month or so before baby has to depart from the cozy little world they’ve only known for the last 9 months. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing, and if you’re able, I think it’s really important to capture that amazing bump to not only look back on years down the road, but to share with the child who is about to enter your world.

I was so happy to capture my old neighbor’s in their beautiful new home! Although, I secretly wish they were still in our neighborhood as our kiddos are so close in age! Kali is absolutely glowing with the most perfect little bump, and Michael is SO excited to have a boy in the family (hence, the baseball shots at the end)! Big sister, Kalin, is so excited to welcome her new brother. And although her older sister was out of town when we did this shoot, I know she is probably equally as excited. Congrats to the Evans! I’m excited to meet their handsome little man. 🙂



kate {newborn}

Seems like just yesterday that I shot Jenny and Paul’s engagement photos and wedding, and now recently, I had the pleasure of photographing their first little bundle, Katherine Rose. I could have just snuggled her all day, she was so precious. And look at all of that hair! She is such a sweet mix between her mom and dad. So happy for Jenny & Paul as they start off their journey of parenthood — I can already tell that they are naturals. 🙂



jonah {newborn}

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting a sweet little boy named Jonah. His full set of hair makes him almost look older than a newborn, but he was just 9 days old! He was semi-alert much of the time, or shall I say, we disturbed him while cleaning up after he decided to make a mess several times on my blankets. 😉 It’s a good thing he’s cute. He of course loves snuggling with his parents and displayed many “smiles” while sleeping. What a blessing that his mommy, Anna, got to celebrate her first Mother’s Day with her handsome little man. Can’t wait to capture him during his first year!



paxton {newborn}

Just last week, I got to meet one of my friend’s sister’s newest little ones — Paxton. Such a sweet boy who is the little brother to a super sweet girl, Kaylynn. I love doing sibling shots, and this duo was just too stinkin’ cute! I also love trying new things, and was SO excited when they came to me with a shot in mind — one that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! Just needed the gear to do it — the cute “nerd” glasses with books. 😉 Love it. Although Paxton was in and out of sleep mode and broke out of a swaddle like no other baby I’ve seen ;), we managed to get that awesome shot along with some other adorableness. Congrats to this precious family!! Here’s a peek at Paxton’s first shoot.



gus {newborn}

I loved seeing my friend, Bri, and her family this last weekend as they recently welcomed a new addition! August (Gus) was born on March 11 and is just the sweetest little guy with SO much hair! He is so loved already — not only does he have super sweet parents, but he’s also got a big brother, Ollie, watching out for him. Plus, his grandma was visiting all the way from Oregon! It is always so precious to get those multi-generation photos. 🙂 Even though Gus was going on almost 2.5 weeks, he still got his snooze on and was super relaxed even with his eyes open. I absolutely loved the little baby smiles we got every once and awhile, even though we knew what was to follow most of the time….. 😉 Here’s a peek at little Gus’ first photo shoot!



boston {6 months}

I hadn’t seen Boston since his newborn session, so it’s always fun to see what a baby’s personality is like during their next shoot. This little man was a perfect model — he should probably be in a Gap ad or a Gerber baby commercial. So sweet, and he has the most perfect skin, like mommy and daddy. 🙂 Though we got many smiles from him, he also has a very wise look. I am already excited to see him for his 1st birthday photos, as I think he’ll have a ton of fun with a cake smash. Here’s a peek at Boston’s 6 month shoot!

IMG_0352 (more…)


Jill and Chase’s wedding was one of the very first that I captured alone back in 2009! Just before Christmas this last year, Jill’s sister asked to purchase a gift card for Jill as they had a new member of their family — Noah! Such a sweet gesture, and, I guess when Jill found out, she mentioned that, ” I cried I think as hard as I did at my wedding when I found out it would be done by you!!” I love hearing stuff like that. 😉

Their son, Noah, could not be any more precious. Due on July 7th, he decided to make his entrance into the world in late April instead! Although it was a difficult time for the whole family, it was all worth it when they finally got to bring him home. You would never know that this strong little man came early. And, can we just talk about that adorable hair that goes straight into a natural mohawk when you brush it!? Pair that with his gorgeous blue eyes — this one is going to be a heart breaker when he’s older. 😉 Such a happy and curious little man — I had fun taking his photos!



jenn & pat {maternity}

Jenn and Pat were some of the first friends I was introduced to here in Omaha before moving. They knew my husband long before I ever met him, so, always have some fun stories for me. 😉 Jenn quickly became that friend, that no matter how busy life gets, or how much time is in between our hangouts, its seems like just yesterday that we saw each other. I was very happy for them when I heard that they were expecting, as, I know they will be great parents! I have known them for being huge dog lovers, so, of course their first “babies” had to be included in the shoot. Jenn looks absolutely beautiful and has the cutest little baby bump! Because she has such a tiny frame, you may never even know that she’s 32 weeks! They are thrilled to be welcoming he or she (it’s a surprise!) come April…

Here’s a peek at this special time of their lives. 🙂



libby {6 months}

Sweet little Libby is growing up so quickly! Last time I saw her she was just a newborn, now she has a vibrant personality with the BEST facial expressions ever! Seriously, this kiddo was happy throughout the entire session, and when she wasn’t smiling, she had the cutest surprised/confused look. I noticed that she is in the “chomping on her toes” phase, so I made sure to capture a few of those fun moments as that only lasts a few weeks! Such a beautiful little girl with the sweetest parents. Here’s a peek at Libby’s 6 month shoot!