Omaha, NE

jasmine {makeup & hair artist}

I first met Jasmine, who is an exceptional makeup and hair artist, at a wedding shoot this past summer. I was so impressed by the work that she did on the bride, and have been even more impressed by all the work I’ve seen thereafter. So, I was excited to do a stylized shoot with her. Reminded me of the days I worked as an art director at Marshall Fields/Macy’s!

Not much more to say than here are some images of beautiful miss Trishtian that showcase Jasmine’s amazing artistry!



drue {senior} // omaha senior photographer

My job is too easy when your subject acts like they’ve done modeling all of their life! Drue was exceptional during his senior photos. He could go from a serious look to one with a great smile (after I attempted to make jokes), both of which showed his personality well. He aspires to be an engineer, plays football and basketball and has worked with kids for as long as he remembers. In the short time I spent with him, I can tell that he is going to go far in life!



gabbi {senior}

Though I’ve only dabbled in taking senior portraits, I really enjoy it and should probably do more of it. Gabbi was an exceptional subject, a natural beauty who only needed a little guidance in posing. It’s like she has done this before. 😉 We first ventured out into the Old Market area, not even thinking about the CWS going on — wow was it BUSY! We managed to find some more remote locations to get some lovely shots and ended the day with one of my favorite spots in Elmwood park. Wishing Gabbi all the best in her senior year and beyond! I have a good feeling she’ll be successful in whatever she does. 🙂



clayton {senior} elkhorn, ne

Nebraska seems to be a bit confused that it’s supposed to be fall! A few days ago, I met up with Clayton for his senior photos. I was hoping we’d be shooting on a nice, cool fall day, but nope, it decided that it needed to be in the 80’s! Thankfully Clayton didn’t mind, and I was happy with the beautiful lighting. Clayton rocked his session and I had fun scoping out cool spots with him and his mom and getting to know them both. I hope your senior year is amazing, Clayton! Best luck to you in all your future endeavors!

IMG_5867 (more…)

dakota {senior} fremont, ne

Although I haven’t done a lot of Senior photos, I’ve really enjoyed the few that I have shot as it brings me back to the time when I had them done myself. To me, it is a time to express yourself. They are a symbol of everything you have accomplished during your schooling days, and moving on to whatever it is that your heart desires. It is a time of possibly moving away from your parents and becoming more independent, all while finding out new things about yourself. Quite a drastic change in life if you ask me! It is fun to capture that time just before those big changes happen — and, of course share those images with all your buddies and those that are closest to you. Here’s just a few shots from our shoot in Fremont, NE!