Omaha, NE

lydia jane {newborn}

Maybe it’s just because my “babies” are getting so big now, but when little Lydia came in for her first photos at just 6 days, she looked so incredibly tiny! Such a petite little sweetie who, for the most part, loved to snooze throughout her shoot. Joined by her big sister and parents, she seemed quite content and made sure to give me the approval at the end with the cutest little smirk. Here’s a peek!


rachel {newborn} // omaha newborn photographer

A few years ago, I captured this family’s first little girl. It’s always crazy to see them after they’re all grown up, no longer at all a baby, but rather, miss Elizabeth is now a big sis to Rachel! Though sweet little Rachel did not want to sleep for pretty much our entire session, she was as calm as can be and was just taking in the world around her. It was fun catching up and snuggling their newest little bundle! Here’s a peek. 🙂


johnluke newborn

Still can’t believe two of my friends delivered their second baby just one week apart! I just captured sweet Caroline, and then a day after I got to meet this handsome little guy — JohnLuke. He was so stinkin’ cute and slept (hard) the entire time! MJ is a wonderful big brother who, although didn’t love giving snuggles, was so cute when he did. And of course we had to do a military shot just in time for Memorial day to honor his mama who serves. Here’s a peek at some adorableness.


caroline // newborn

Feels like just yesterday that I met our friend’s first little girl, and now Elisa has become a (wonderful) big sister to sweet Caroline! She is so precious and squishable, I could have snuggled all day. 😉 Here’s a peek at her first shoot!


henry // newborn

Wide awake and oh-so-concerned looking is how little Mr Henry spent his time during our shoot. He is so cute and a wonderful addition to this now family of four. His big brother was such a good listener and so patient with him. I can tell they are going to have a lot of fun growing up together! Here’s a peek at some of his adorableness.


hudson {newborn}

We have certainly been blessed when it comes to some awesome neighbors — the Rosenblad’s being one of them. They reminded me of my husband and I when they first moved in – just a young couple, no kiddos, no pets and in a house that had a few more rooms than they needed at the time. 😉 It has been so fun watching them fill those rooms and become such natural parents. It has also been cute that our kids are starting to play together more, baby Hudson doesn’t know the fun he’s in for with our little ‘hood gatherings! 😉 He is a precious, perfect little boy, and so loved by his family — including his big brother, Jace. They grow so fast, I’m so glad I was able to capture Hudson’s first photos! Here’s a peek.


emily {newborn}

It was such a pleasure taking Emily’s first photos, as she is such a cutie — check out all that adorable hair! Having just met her parents for the first time, it felt like I’d known them a while — they are are so sweet — and I can tell already that they’re naturals. Emily was pretty curious throughout the shoot and usually kept one eye open observing everything. I really like a mix of eyes open shots, so it all worked out. 😉 Here’s a peek at Emily’s newborn photos!



arian {newborn}

Little Arian was pretty much wide awake and bright-eyed during our shoot, until we finally stepped outside in the heat and BAM, off to dreamland, and we could squish her into whatever position. Why didn’t we start out there sooner!? We were hoping if even big sister pretended she was sleeping, she’d get the hint, but nope. 😉 She was such a sweetie with the most beautiful long lashes! Surrounded by so much love, lots of snuggles were had all around. Here’s a peek at Arian’s first session!



cecilia {newborn}

“Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart…” That is the song I keep breaking into whenever I hear or write this sweet baby’s name. Cecilia Jean was born April 14 and is such a cutie pie! I mean, look at all that hair!! Her big sis didn’t want much to do with snuggling her quite yet, but, I’m sure they will be best friends in no time. Cecilia slept almost the whole time, with the exception of taking a peek at what was going on once and awhile. She is an absolute doll. Congrats to Jenny and Paul on becoming a family of four!



brinley rose {newborn}

Brinley Rose, the newest member of our family (my niece) came into the world on April 9 and is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mom and dad. She did amazing during her shoot, letting us change her into various cute outfits, including a few bunnies — which was only fitting since the shoot was on Easter day. 😉 Although it was known that she would have a small cleft lip, they were not sure on the extent of it, nor if it affected her palette. Her palette was 100% intact, and, the cleft lip is so minor ~ I actually think it’s quite adorable…like a little dimple. She exemplifies imperfect perfection and is so, so loved.

I am hoping that these are photos she can always look back on to see how her beautiful smile first started. 🙂



nicholas {newborn}

Feels like just yesterday that we captured Laura’s bump photos, and now, Nicholas James has arrived! Born on February 20, 2017, Mr Nicholas is as cute as can be — soo squishable!! Big brother, Andrew, seems pretty proud and I see a lot of resemblance in the two. So happy for the Hansen’s and their growing family! Here’s a peek at their session in their beautiful home!



madalyn {newborn}

Most recently, we welcomed the newest little member into the Bockelman family, my niece, Madalyn Rae. It’s amazing how much she looks like her big sis! I had a bit of deja vu while editing the photos. 😉 I can tell Brooklyn already loves her little sister so much. It will be cute to watch them grow up together and have her join the madness of the cousin gatherings! Here’s a peek at little miss Madalyn who was the most precious little model.



rydlee {newborn}

So happy for the Kamin’s who welcomed their precious little girl, Rydlee, into the world on January 15! Ryker, whom I’ve shot since he was born, is such a proud big brother, and thoroughly enjoyed giving her lots of snuggles. Rydlee was an excellent little model who slept most of the shoot and just looked so peaceful the entire time. So much love for this sweet little lady already. Here’s a peek at some cuteness!



erica {newborn}

…and plus one = FIVE! So happy for our friend’s growing family! Sweet little Erica Christine was welcomed at the start of the new year on January 3, 2017!  Such a cutie who loves snuggling and looks so similar to her big sis when she was born. I can tell already that Mallorie and Chad are going to be wonderful big siblings. Excited for their new journey and for our fun, chaotic playdates in the future! 😉



mason & leah {newborn}

When Sara came to me for newborn photos of her soon-t0-be twins, I was very excited as we recently had twins of our own! I felt like I have a bit of experience in photographing them. 😉 Mason & Leah are absolutely precious, and their cute big brother seemed to adore them and embrace his new role. I love the names they chose…how nice of them to name one after me!! ;D Mason and Leah were just perfect little models during their entire shoot. The reminded me of ours in that the little boy could fuss a bit or squirm around, yet, the little lady is not even phased by it… I can tell that mom and dad are absolutely in love with their new family of 5! Many prayers and good thoughts to them as they figure out this new, beautiful adventure they’re on! Here’s a peek at this sweet family.



blake {newborn}

Almost a few years ago, I first captured sweet little Blake’s big brother as a newborn and throughout his first year, so it was really special to be a part of this little lady’s first photos as well. Born on April 25, she was an absolute doll who slept beautifully throughout her shoot. The lashes on her and her brother’s big blue eyes are simply amazing! I always enjoy chatting with their parents and catching up, along with capturing their lovely family! Here’s a peek at Blake’s newborn photos!



maddox {newborn}

Sweet Maddox was welcomed into the world on March 14, 2016, and what a handsome little man he is! His dark hair and perfect little features just makes you want to snuggle him all day. He is so lucky to be surrounded by some amazing parents and two older sisters that adore him. I love when parents come to me with an idea that plays off of their passions. For this family, one that I thought was cute was the superhero shot. Why wouldn’t you want to dress your son like the Hulk!? 😉 Here’s a peek at Maddox’s first session!



caitlyn ann {newborn}

I first met Joyce and Jeff when I took their engagement photos, then was a part of their wedding, and now it’s been so awesome to photograph all 3 of the Schlickbernd girl’s newborn photos. I see so many similarities in them all when you compare their photos side by side, including LOTS of hair! Caitlyn Ann joined the family most recently on March 16, 2016. She is a little sweetheart who definitely likes being cuddled up either with her parents or on her tummy. She is so lucky to be surrounded by a loving family and having two sisters to show her the way of the world. 🙂 Here’s a peek at her first shoot!



marian {newborn}

Oh my goodness how cute is sweet little Marian!? At just 11 days old, she was wide awake for about half the time, taking in everything around her and wondering what in the world we were doing with her. None-the-less, she was still quite content and gave us some of the cutest facial expressions. Surrounded by her mom, grandma and dad, Marian did a wonderful job at her first shoot! I absolutely love getting generational photos as I think it will be so special to look back on down the road, and I can tell that her mom and dad are going to be some amazing parents already! Congrats to this fam and their new little bundle!



sloane {newborn} omaha, ne

Almost five years ago, I captured Leila’s newborn photos. Now, she is a natural big sister to sweet little Sloane Marie. Such a precious pair they are, and I just melted over the shots of them together. Sloane did so well during her shoot just snoozing away ~ I could have snuggled her the rest of the day. 🙂 She also decided to give us some adorable smiles, and I’m so glad that I had my camera ready to capture those sweet moments. I’ve said this before, but our friends sure make cute babies! Here’s a peek at Sloane’s first shoot!



elizabeth {newborn}

Meet Elizabeth. Born just before Thanksgiving ~ and what a sweetheart she is! She did amazing during her shoot, and even gave us a bunch of smiles! I mean, they really looked like genuine smiles — even while awake! It was adorable. Since her daddy is a part of CrossFit, it was only fitting to end our shoot with some props that they provided. I can tell that her parents adore her, and visa versa as she cuddled up in their arms. Here’s a peek at a beautiful family of three!



kate {newborn}

Seems like just yesterday that I shot Jenny and Paul’s engagement photos and wedding, and now recently, I had the pleasure of photographing their first little bundle, Katherine Rose. I could have just snuggled her all day, she was so precious. And look at all of that hair! She is such a sweet mix between her mom and dad. So happy for Jenny & Paul as they start off their journey of parenthood — I can already tell that they are naturals. 🙂



paxton {newborn}

Just last week, I got to meet one of my friend’s sister’s newest little ones — Paxton. Such a sweet boy who is the little brother to a super sweet girl, Kaylynn. I love doing sibling shots, and this duo was just too stinkin’ cute! I also love trying new things, and was SO excited when they came to me with a shot in mind — one that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! Just needed the gear to do it — the cute “nerd” glasses with books. 😉 Love it. Although Paxton was in and out of sleep mode and broke out of a swaddle like no other baby I’ve seen ;), we managed to get that awesome shot along with some other adorableness. Congrats to this precious family!! Here’s a peek at Paxton’s first shoot.



gus {newborn}

I loved seeing my friend, Bri, and her family this last weekend as they recently welcomed a new addition! August (Gus) was born on March 11 and is just the sweetest little guy with SO much hair! He is so loved already — not only does he have super sweet parents, but he’s also got a big brother, Ollie, watching out for him. Plus, his grandma was visiting all the way from Oregon! It is always so precious to get those multi-generation photos. 🙂 Even though Gus was going on almost 2.5 weeks, he still got his snooze on and was super relaxed even with his eyes open. I absolutely loved the little baby smiles we got every once and awhile, even though we knew what was to follow most of the time….. 😉 Here’s a peek at little Gus’ first photo shoot!