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mcleay {family} // omaha family photographer

I was so happy to capture Nikki and her beautiful family most recently, after many, many times of postponing for various reasons of life happenings, it finally worked out, and we had a beautiful fall day for it. The timing of it, though, happened to be just after the passing of her dear brother. A loss that I can only imagine as being one of the hardest things she’s had to face. Even with that happening, I am so thankful she was still wanting to go through with a shoot, because, as she said, now more than ever, it’s soo important to capture these moments with your family, as, you just never know…

They are one of the most photogenic families, and you can just feel the love that they have for one another. We took the photos at Memorial Park, which is most fitting to honor her brother. Though I never met him, if he’s anything like Nikki, I know he was just as sweet, and so, so proud of this family that she has built.

Nikki said something that stood out to me. Since losing her brother is still so raw, she is trying to do “normal things,” but constantly has him on the mind. I wanted to try and create an image that spoke to that, so the very last shot was of Nikki frozen in the shot, and everyone else moving around her. In due time, I know that “normal” will soon get easier, and it is always okay to miss those we’ve lost, while still living and enjoying the life we have here on earth. So many prayers still for their entire family!

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